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About DraftPoint

At DraftPoint, as an IT Consulting and Staffing agency, we strive to provide our clients with top industry talent to help them tackle the challenges of their business. Our clients call us the “Nice Guys” in staffing and consulting because we prioritize the relationship between our consultants and our clients above all else. Contact us to find out how we create an industry inspiring environment for our team as they help deliver modern technologies and products that spur technical innovation across our customer base.

At DraftPoint, we help our clients achieve improve their business processes by leading them through new and powerful technical solutions. Some of our key benefits are:

  • Modernizing business processes with latest technologies

  • Building advanced technical software solutions

  • Integrating with existing system

  • Reimiagining legacy system processes

  • Expert inputs into technical and business processes

  • Help to improve cost and management of existing systems

DraftPoint can be depended on to use its technical and business expertese and domain knowledge to deliver cutting edge solutions that prove their ROI quickly and effeciently. Our enterprise custom solutions are well suited for financial services, helthcare and life siences.

Trusted Resources

DraftPoint provides trusted and well vetted consultants

DraftPoint consultants and technology partners are not only trusted for their domain knowledge but our clients also trust the riggorus and high level vetting we put all our resources through. Our new consultatns are vetted for their domain knowledge and are background checked to ensure that our resources meet the high standards of our clients.
DraftPoint has partnered with Insite Risk Mamagement for all of our background checks. Insite specializes in vetting human resources in our key industires and have the domain expertise to help fulfil our high standards. Insite works with us on our local US resources as well as our resources across the world.

Our Core Values


Our team is encouraged to challenge preconceived notions to create new standards in growth and passion   


We highly value the trust placed in us and strive to create an honest and responsible environment  


We bring a high level of discipline and focus to all of our endeavors   

Much more than a staffing company,
DraftPoint is a strategic business partner.

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