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Sr. Software Developer is needed to perform the following duties: 
  • Build, Design and Develop a Content Management System(CMS) web application for Australian schools and University using ASP NET MVC, WebAPI, SQL Server, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS/Angular and Microsoft Azure.

  • ·         Design and build messaging systems using Azure Service bus Queues and Topics.

  • ·         Implements multi-threaded background processes and batch processing using Thread synchronization and Parallelization.

  • ·         Implement best practices in coding, unit testing and deployment.

  • ·         Implement Service oriented architecture to facilitate and maintain distributed systems.

  • ·         Developing reusable and configurable components and services.

  • ·         Understanding the advantages and shortcomings of different Software methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall etc. to make sure the software project are delivered on time and on budget.

  • ·         Modelling software systems using UML, Flowcharts, Use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, system diagrams etc.

  • ·         Implement logging, audit trail and instrumentation tools like Application Insights.

  • ·         Perform project estimation techniques and schedule compression techniques(Crashing and Fast tracking).

  • ·         Implement software testing techniques and tools for unit, integration and end to end testing.

  • ·         Understand different project artifacts to aid on designing and implementing the appropriate solution.

  • ·         Requirements gathering and analysis: Making sure that the right requirements are established and executed using various techniques like Observation, Blue sky Brainstorming and Role Playing.

  • ·         Conducting Root cause analysis to meet client demands and expectations.

  • ·         Implement Domain Driven Design (DDD) to solve various industry specific challenges.

  • ·         Implement tried and tested software solutions like design patterns.

  • ·         Teach, Preach and mentor less experienced software developers.

Bachelor Degree is required in Computer Science or Information Technology or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems.


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